Becoming Road

Becoming Road

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Our Temple Sealing...

WE WERE SEALED AS A FAMILY in the Salt Lake City temple!  We had been waiting for this day and couldn't be more excited and happy.  We are especially grateful to have the knowledge that our little family is eternal and that Ethan and Nyah will grow up knowing how important the temple is to our family!

Elder Marlin K. Jensen, one of general authorities and current church historian,  performed the ceremony.  He served as the mission president in Palmyra when we lived there and my dad was his second counselor.  And strangely enough, he was assigned to interview Marty and I when we were going through pre-service for CES.  (That was an amazing experience to be with him and we couldn't believe that we were assigned to him for our interview.  It was a fun coincidence) 

We approached Elder Jensen when we were ready to be sealed and he agreed to stand as the sealer.  It was wonderful!  It was a beautiful day and a beautiful ceremony.  We had my father and Marty's best friend, Brandon, be the witnesses.  Marty's mom and my sister Machelle took care of the babies in the nursery and brought them into the sealing room when it was time.  After sharing some wonderful words, Elder Jensen asked Marty and I to bear our testimonies and it was a wonderful experience with all of our loved ones.  Both Ethan and Nyah did wonderful and didn't even fuss!  It was mommy and daddy who were doing the crying!  The temple patrons were very sweet to the babies and they were given lots of attention!  Many were just smitten by them and all their cuteness!  I don't blame them!  We are very grateful for those that came and supported us in the temple and afterwards!