Becoming Road

Becoming Road

Monday, July 28, 2008


I just had to post this because I am quite amazed at the rate in which Nyah is getting her teeth! She now has ELEVEN teeth including 3 molars! Is this normal? Luckily, she handles teething pretty well. Now, Ethan is another story. He is getting his 7th tooth and it is a molar. He definately lets us know when he is hurting! Poor little guy!

A mouth full of cute teeth!

With a mouth full of teeth,...Ethan now loves crackers!

Wisked to Wyoming...

When Marty returned home Friday morning, after doing inventory and take-down of the TNT tent, he announced to me that He and his brother wanted to wisk our families away on a trip. Their sales had gone so well and they wanted to treat us to some fun and relaxation. Off to Evanston, Wyoming we went. I was surprised, it only took us a little over an hour to get there. We played in the pool at the hotel, had a great steak dinner, and bought some morter (sp?) fireworks to set off while there. (the kind that are illegal in Utah that shoot up into the air)

I have to mention the bizzare experience we had at the restaruant though. We were told by many locals that we should go to Legal Tender for dinner. We arrived and waited 10 minutes before anyone came to the hostest station. It was funny, Mitch actually had to go find someone. Then,....we sat at our table for 15 minutes before the waitress even came around. Bizzare, I tell ya! She promptly asked us what we wanted. No hello, no introduction,...nothing. She was quickly annoyed when we had questions and didn't know exactly what we wanted being tourists and all. We just had to was as if only the locals knew how to behave at this place. It reminded me of the Seinfeld episode with the soup nazi! I was waiting to hear them say..."NO steak for you!" Finally, we got our food, which was yummy except for the odd tasting gravy. We never saw our waitress after our food came which was unfortunate since our water ran out after our trip to the salad bar. To make matters even more outragous Marty had to ask this kid (probably a busboy) for a box 3 times! By this time I guess the locals were watching and Marty announced, "If anyone needs anything,..let me know!" Luckily,...I was out in the parking lot with the kids by then so I didn't have to witness it! Sorry...that was a long tangent, but it was quite funny!

We had a great time, mostly because we were together as a family which has been hard to do lately since Marty has been so busy! Thanks honey, for the fun weekend in Wyoming!

Daddy and Ethan in the hotel room...

Mommy and Nyah

Nyah and Ethan having a snack in the hotel room

Taking a swim in the pool!

The whole gang in the hot tub..

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


July 24th is Pioneer Day in Utah! This year, Marty and his brother Mitch are managing a TNT FiReWoRks stand in Syracuse, UT! A couple of years ago, Marty and I managed a stand up in Ogden during the 4th of July holidays and made a good amount of money which went into our adoption savings at the time! While it is extremely labor intensive for those few days, it is worth it! 20-25% of the sales is your profit! This is a perfect fit for Marty and Mitch. They both love to sell, sell, sell!

The boys also managed tents over the 4th of July. Mitch and his family ran the Fort Lane, Layton Tent and Marty flew out to Oregon to work at the largest warehouse tent in the nation which grosses nearly 1 million in sales every year. Marty was paid as a member of the management team! Marty received an award while up there. (We are waiting to know what type of award---it's in the mail)

TNT has been good to us and I am grateful that we can supplement our income with these summer adventures! I hope to be more helpful next year when the twins are older. For now, job is to hold down the fort!

Stop by the tent if you are close by and the boys will hook you up with some awesome stuff! It is located in the Syracuse Walmart parking lot!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


I was recently tagged and thought I should get to here goes! (The kids are taking a long nap so hopefully....I'll be able to finish it!)

Here's how this "Tag" works. List 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, 3 surprising facts about yourself. Then tag 3 people at the end of your post.OK, here we go!

3 Joys:
-Marty, Ethan & Nyah
-Chocolate (hello!)

3 Fears:
-Forgetting special memories I have of my mom.
-Spiders (yuk!)
-Something happening to my babies

3 Goals (short term):
- Work out better this week
-Get on top of the Laundry (oh wait,...that will never happen)
-Kiss and hug my family more!

3 Current Obsessions:
-Decorating (wanting to do it all the time, but staying on a budget!)
-Weight Loss (still working on my goal to lose 100 lbs by the New Year)
-Taking pictures of my babies

3 Surprising Facts:
- I never took drivers ed....Watch OUT everyone! (No really,...When I moved from New York I had a license which allowed me to drive until 9 pm. You only had to take a drivers test and a written test to get it. When I moved to Utah it transferred over and I avoided the whole drivers ed thing. Sorry Colie and Jodes,... you didn't get so lucky.
-I HATE anything melon....Watermelon, Honeydew, Cantaloupe.
-I kissed Marty first! Yikes....don't tell Nyah her mommy did that!

I tag Lora, Hillary, and Malia!

Having a ball...

Nyah can now say: ma-ma, da-da, blue, Jesus, hi, and ball! I was glad to capture her saying "ball" on this video. She loves her ball! Notice at the end how she gives the grumpy face. Hilarious! She started doing that after I would sing: "No more monkeys jumping on the bed," with a stern face shaking my finger. I guess we need to be careful about what we say and do (even facial expressions) around our little ones.

Ethan is crawling....

Ethan has been army crawling and crawling backwards for a couple of months now. It wasn't until Saturday night that he took his first crawling steps forward! Now, he is a pro. He is especially good when you entice him with anything electronic,....thus the laptop on the floor! He loves that thing!

Monday, July 7, 2008

An Amazing Lady..

At the sweet age of 94, my Grandma passed away this week! She is an amazing lady and while this life will be very different without her, she has been reunited with her sweetheart and for that we are celebrating!
Grandma meant the world to us grandkids. Every other summer, our family would take a camper ride accross country from New York to Beaver, Utah. We absolutely loved going to see them and adored everything about them. Grandma spent hours making us homemade bread and raspberry jam! One of my favorite things to do with grandma was play dress up with all her jewelry. She wore clip-on earrings which I loved to play with. Even when I was young, she would let me do her hair! She was always so playful too! She would play bingo and skip-bo with us kids all day long if we asked her! And....boy did she have a witty sense of humor. She could out-wit anyone with her quick comebacks!
This last Fall, we took the twins and Leah to go meet her. She was so delighted to hold them and love on them. In true fashion, she graced us with her humor when she said,..."If they were my kids,....I would spoil them so rotten they would stink!" She is so funny!
Grandma has been waiting a long time to be reunited with Grandpa again and I know that she is so happy right now! I'm grateful for her, for what she and grandpa taught us, and for her amazing ability to show love to her family. Our family will always be close and I attribute much of that to my sweet Grandma!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

New Pictures...

My sister and I took the twins to get their 1-Year old pictures taken! Aside from a few sad moments, they did great! Can you believe how big there are? We are going to surprise Marty when he gets home from Oregon! He will love these pictures! They really do capture their personalities. Nyah was hilarious! Everytime the photographer tickled her toes, she would clench her toes and hands with excitement! When the photographer got Ethan to smile he would immediately bring his hands to his face. So shy....

We had a lot of fun and I am grateful that I have these beautiful pictures as a memory of this sweet age!