Becoming Road

Becoming Road

Friday, January 15, 2010

~The Big 32

Today is my sweetheart's birthday. He turned 32! We met 10 years ago and my life has been so blessed because of him! How could it not? He is everything I need........He is funny, smart, gentle, strong, stubborn, spiritual, and shows such great love to all people! He has so much patience when it comes to my many weaknesses and continues to build up our family! He adores our babies and shows them every day how much he loves them. He takes being a Daddy very seriously which means the world to me.

Happy Birthday to the man I ADORE....

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

~Terms of Endearment

Okay,.so I have had the same nickname for over 30 years! (Some of you may already know it!) I wish I could say it was something darling or totally endearing,.but it is not. Instead, it is quite silly and only a nickname I could love. It orginally came from my older sister Paige who has nicknamed our entire family and comes up with the craziest names. This is the same sister who has continued on with the tradition and nicknames all her children and her nieces and nephews. You will often hear her unexpectedly refer to one of our little ones in this way: "hi my cutest little snuggle bug of the scrumptiousness of the lovees!" I honestly don't know where she comes up with these things, but these terms of endearment just lovingly and so easily roll off her tongue like it is a second language! It makes us all giggle and it is so precious with the little ones. So you'd think my nickname would be just as clever and full of wonder but again it is not!

Are you ready?..... My nickname is......BUBBA. I know,...I think I hear this most when moms are lovin' on their little boys. It came from "Bubbalicious" as in the bubble gum which was oh so popular when I was born, I guess. This name has stuck with me my entire life. My family, my neices and nephews, my roommates, and my dearest friends still call me BUBBA! Although it is not feminine at all, I have grown to love and appreciate it. Hey,...all of my neices and nephews said my name long before anyone elses (which automatically makes me their favorite, right?) and kids love it.

So why do I tell you this? Well, this trend has trickled down into our little family! and it just brings me JOY. (simple things seem to these days) Just a couple of days ago, I heard Nyah call Ethan..." Monkey-Moo-Moo." This is something Marty calls him! So for fun,..I thought I would record some of the twin's nicknames so I wouldn't forget.

Sweetest Baby Girl--Baby Girl--Princess Baby Girl, Nyah-Lo

Sweetest Lil' Pun'kin-- Pun'kin Pie--Pun'kin--Lovey--Bug--Bugaboo and Marty's favorites: Turkey Burger & Monkey-Moo-Moo
I love it when I hear Nyah call Ethan ..."Bug", or Ethan call my sister..." Mama-Shell" (her new nickname) It just makes be think that we are tied together, with our little insider terms of endearment!
Does anyone else do this?