Becoming Road

Becoming Road

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Brigette's thoughts on being a {MOM}

This is a quote from Julie B. Beck that I love.  For me, motherhood is everything to me,...a gift I have been given by a loving Heavenly Father and because Ethan & Nyah's birth family made such a loving and couragous sacrifice.  Click the photo to read the quote! 

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

{BABY} mine....

The twins are getting closer to turning FIVE everyday! I can't believe it! I find myself hoping we could stop time and keep them little for a little longer. Brigette and I loved having twin babies and can't quite help thinking how amazing that time was, having a little bit of heaven in our home. I really loved getting up with Brigette at night to help feed the twins and I especially loved that we started a tradition to sing to them even in their first beginnings in the NICU. I wish,.. I could turn back the hands of the clock and take in those moments just a little bit more. I guess I'm a little sad to see that stage of their life ending although I can't help but love the fun and excitement that comes from this stage. But today,...I just want to reminisce just a little bit.

Singing to Nyah in the NICU
Holding Ethan in the NICU

Playing with my sweet baby girl

Bonding with my little buddy

I am one proud Papa and a very blessed man!