Becoming Road

Becoming Road

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

...there's a {HOLE} in our yard

There's a hole in our yard, dear Marty..dear Marty! There's a hole in our yard,...dear Marty...a hole!

Poor Marty! He has had to dig this GIGANTIC hole twice! Once last year,..when our sprinkler pipe broke 6 feet down right where it attached to our culinary line. Then,..he had to dig it again this year when some sweet little neighbors threw sticks down our pipe which made it impossible to turn on our sprinklers. Now he has installed a handy, dandy utility cover so cute little hands can't get to it again! We were blessed to have two wonderful neighbors come and help dig this hole so it only took a few hours to get it all done!

Ethan even joined in the fun of refilling the hole and packing down the dirt!


Sunday, June 24, 2012

...a trip to {EAST CANYON}

We headed up to East Canyon over Father's Day weekend and it was such a great little getaway.  Marty's mom secured a spot in a timeshare condo and we were able to have the comfort and amenities for meal prep and a spot for the little kiddos to nap.  We also reserved a camp site for those who wanted to spend their evenings in tents!  Our kids loved the swimming pool the best so we spent most of our time there with the cousins! 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

{CELEBRATING} five years....

Once again,...Ethan and Nyah wanted to invite grandparents, aunts, uncles, & cousins to their big party!  We thought for sure they would want to have a "friend" party this year, but they were quite sure that they wanted a FAMILY CELEBRATION.
Ethan & Nyah chose a Veggie Tales Theme.  We had a blast playing in the bouncy house and getting wet while playing slip n' slide kickball.  They LOVED their day and it was so great to have both sides our family with us!

We also surprised Ethan and Nyah with a trip to Disneyland in !  While they didn't know exactly what to expect, they were very excited to see Mickey & Minnie, Cars Land, and the Princesses! 

Friday, June 22, 2012

{POOL} time....

Marty would LOVE a pool, but that is not in the cards right now for sure!  So,...Marty bought this bad boy.  (Marty wanted to be able to get in it with the kids!)  It has been so fun and we've had a lot of fun inviting neighbor friends over to play!  We can also put our little tykes slide right into it which is loads of fun...

This is how it's done!  And yes,...I've played in it too but I always seem to be taking the pictures! 

Love my family!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

a request for their {BIRTHDAY}

We had planned a fun birthday party with family on the weekend after their birthday but wanted to do something fun ON their birthday.  When we asked them what they would like to do,...they both decided that they wanted to go to the temple.  So that is what we did and we brought cousin Taylor with us! The twins love walking around and playing in the fountains there!  There is also a great little grassy spot across the street that we have found is perfect for a good game of RED ROVER and tree climbing!  It was a fun time! Afterwards, we headed to 7-Eleven for some yummy slushies!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

five {YEARS} ago...

Dear Ethan~

Happy Birthday my sweet little bug!  Oh how I adore you!  I am so grateful for you and can't believe that FIVE years ago I was blessed to become your mommy!  You are one of my greatest gifts and I can't imagine life without my sweet lil' pumpkin.  You are heaven to me!

Ethan, you are an amazing little boy!  You have the most sincere and tender heart!  (much like your daddy)  I've noticed lately how much you truly empathize with those around you and when they hurt, hurt too. You love babies and you hope to someday become a big brother.  You are kind and so polite!  Others gravitate towards you because you have  a very special spirit and heart!

You LOVE your family so much.  You treat Nyah so sweetly and are always holding her hand, dancing with her, snuggling with her, and playing right beside her.  You love daddy and can't wait for him to get home.  When the weekend comes, you get excited that daddy doesn't have to work.  You guys are buddies!  I love to snug with you and I can't get enough of your hugs!  You give the best hugs and pucker kisses ever!

You have have loved school this year.  It has been a JOY to see you work hard and have fun doing it.  You came out of your shell and amazed daddy and I.  You can write your "e" and "t" and you know all your letters and sounds right now.  I love to hear you sing the songs you learned and do so with such excitement.  You have always loved music!

You get most excited about....daddy, cousins, play dates, grilled cheese, anything electronic, going on vacations, eating pears, wrestling with cousins and uncles, having sleepovers at "Panka's (grandpa's) house, when nyah wakes up, primary songs, going to the temple, and superheroes.  You are very good at electronic stuff, almost as if your spirit came prepared to navigate the world we live in.  You love to help mommy in the kitchen and one of your favorite things to make is cookies.  You are definitely getting more outgoing and have an amazing group of friends that you adore.

You don't like loud noises, people being mean, turning off your electronics, or saying goodbye to friends or family when playtime is done.   You aren't a big fan of carrots or rice.  Other than that, are a pretty laid back little guy and you can adapt to a lot of situations especially when daddy is with you cuz' he talks you through it.

I love you Ethan!  You are a treasure to me and you bring me so much JOY and happiness!  I feel like the luckiest mom in the world having you!  You are such an amazing little man!  Happy 5th birthday, sweet lil' bug!


{FIVE} years ago....

Dear Nyah,

Happy Birthday baby girl!  (I think I will always call you that!)  I am beyond grateful that I am your mommy.  Five years ago, you and your brother came into this world and have been the most amazing and treasured blessing in my life!  I don't know how I became so lucky to have you, but I will always thank our Heavenly Father for you. 

Nyah, you are an amazing little girl!  You have wonderful compassion, even at such a young age, and you seek to make others around you happy all the time. You share and are kind and you don't make selfish choices.  You always think of others.  You wake up with a big smile everyday and you brighten up our home.  I love your smile! 

You have had an amazing year with school and you love learning! You have been responsible, you've listened to your teacher, and you've been courageous in trying new and hard things.  You were very worried about being able to write but you have worked so hard to build strength in your little fingers and building confidence in yourself.  Now you can write most letters without any help at all.  I am so very proud of your hard work, Nyah! 

Ny,..I love that you LOVE your family!  You are loyal and so giving.  You are a peacemaker and you are the first one to compromise.  I think it is a gift that you have.  It is fun to watch you have fun and play with Ethan!  He is your best friend and you've always been close.  Whenever Ethan is away from you, it doesn't take long for you to wa nt him back by your side.  It is so precious to see the bond that is between you two.  It is so cool to see the imaginative games and play that you come up with together!

You have an amazing memory!  You recall things that mommy doesn't even remember!  If you are taught something at home, in school, or at church you remember it!  You especially love to remember special times we've spent as a family and you like to talk about them often.  Maybe you will be a journal writer like your daddy because you cherish things in this life!
You are a wonderful friend to everyone around you!  You cherish your friends and treat them so lovingly.  You make them feel happy and welcome in our home.  I am always amazed at how you get along with eveyone you meet.  You are also very forgiving and that is something that will bless you forever!

You get excited about,....swimming, playing with daddy, babies, going on vacations, swinging in the blankets, friends coming over, cashew chicken dinner, going to the park, daddy coming home, ice-cream treats, primary, going to grandpas, the temple, puppies, and even doing your duties (chores) because you love to check them off!  You love to collect things, sort them, stack them, and make big messes!  You are so good to clean them up after though!  While you can be super shy, once you warm up, you are so outgoing and playful.  You are a wonderful little singer and you still love to be sung to each night before bed.

You don't love getting your hair brushed, sleeping in your own bed  (you love to snuggle with mommy and daddy,...that's for sure!) loud noises or when you brother cries. You definately don't like the dark.  You don't like anything spicy and you aren't a big fan of lettuce.  There isn't much that you don't like which is pretty much your personality!

You give the best hugs and eskimo kisses ever!  I love you Ny!  I love being your mommy and I am so happy that you are becoming such a wonderful young little lady!  Happy 5th Birthday, sweet baby girl!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

...playin' in {IDAHO}

click to enlarge.

We spent a great time in Idaho with my Mom's family.  There's something about my Aunt and Uncle's place that is calming.  Marty wants to live there.  We spent the weekend,....

Target Shooting
Tubing up the Canal
Playing at the Sand Dunes
Catching up with extended family...
Chatting around the camp fire
and remembering the good ole' times we spent there as kids.

Ethan and Nyah loved it and couldn't bear to leave.   We did have a few glitches, however!  I totally forgot to bring swimsuits!  I had to take a drive into town and get some new suits for the kids.  It wasn't one of my best mommy momments!  And poor Ethan came down with a stomach bug and fever.  Even so, was such a wonderful time and I can't remember the last time I felt so relaxed.  The first morning we were there, Marty woke me up in time to see the sun rise over the Teton Mountains.  It doesn't get better than that!


Brigette and Nyah setting up camp in Idaho!



Friday, June 8, 2012 {LOVE}

Lately, I have been really enjoying taking photographs.  My sister thinks I should take some classes.  I think I might.  I don't know if I am any good,..i just really like doing it.  We went to Idaho this past weekend to visit my mom's side of the family.  I'm in love with Idaho! 
its simple. its beautiful. it's family.  it is love. 
I took my camera out and just perused around my aunt and uncles beautiful property and I was so content.  It seems to be that Idaho and photography make me happy! 
Ethan was so good to pose for me in front of my Uncle's OLD TRUCK. It sits right next to the barn close to their farmland

nyah joined us and ethan and her took a walk closer to the potato field. such a sweet boy giving her a little kiss on the cheek.

the barn.

my blessings.

my little cutie pie. could those eyes just kill or what!?

charming little guy.

i asked ethan what he thought about the farm and this is what he did. i love this picture.

i don't pretend to know what this watering contraption is called, but it always amazes me to see them at work. farming is just cool and i love that my mom grew up on a farm.

the tractor. the barn.