Becoming Road

Becoming Road

Friday, July 20, 2012

....camping and (BOATING)

We took two camping & boating trips this year with Brigette's family.  It was AWESOME.  My father-in-law, Skip is so generous and takes all the adults and kids out on the boat for hours and hours and often comments on how much it makes him happy to see the joy that comes from boating with his family.  The twins have been timid in the past but were really brave and excited to go on the boat this year.  They also LOVE camping!  They especially love playing in the tent with their cousins and sitting around the campfire with everyone! 
Ethan took a turn driving the boat with Grandpa whom he lovingly calls "Ponka!"  He used to call Grandpa this because he couldn't say Grandpa very well, but now it is how he prefers to name him.  I love my BOY!  He did so good steering and loved honking the horn.

While Ethan drove, Nyan and I enjoyed the the boat ride!  She loves the boat now and I love being with her.  Everything is so exciting when you look at it through a child's eyes.

We were trying to get Ethan & Nyah to jump from the boat so we had grandpa show them how it was done. I didn't really catch him but the kids got the idea. 
After some hesitation, Ethan made his big jump.  So proud of my boy!

Nyah pulled us in with the ski rope.

Ethan was proud of himself!  He has taken longer to love the water but each year he learns to love it more and more.  I love helping him learn to do hard things and be brave.

Here is my Nyah girl jumping in!  She is much less fearful and loves jumping to me!  She just giggled at how cold the water was!

Nyah and I swimming.

This was a big moment for Nyah.  She has never swam with a life jacket alone.  After being a little worried to try, Nyah was able to swim back and forth between Grandpa and I.  It was so great!

Ethan's favorite part of boating is throwing the rope out to people.  He is actually really good at it!  He learned the lasso and release method from Grandpa and loves it.

Ethan pulling Nyah in.

Ethan and Nyah trying out the double tube!

Cousin Tanner dug out a huge mud hole on the beach!

Ethan took the tube out for a little fun.

Cousin Taylor finding fun things along the beach.

Ethan rowing his little boat!

Jodie, Brigette's sister, in front of the boat. 

Kristy, Brigette's sister by the campfire. 

Nicole and Jodie (Brigette's sisters) on the beach.

Ethan playing on the beach!

Nyah loves the water!

Ethan taking a run along the beach!

Cousin Leah having fun in the mud.

Cousin Ryen loving the mud hole!
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We celebrated Skip's birthday at camp!  The kids made homemade cards and a special birthday hat for Grandpa.  Nyah  "wrapped" herself with streamer and told Grandpa that when he "opened" her, she would have birthday kisses for him!
Having some lunch around the campfire.
All the little grandkids riding down to the beach in grandpa's SUV.
Taylor, Leah, & Nyah love to camp together!
Ethan getting me with the water launchers!
Cookin' up some dogs on the campfire.
All the little kids love Mama-Shell!  (Brigette's sister, Machelle)
Ryen and Nyah full of giggles on the beach!
Taylor mastering the ski-bob! 
Leah, Colie, Ryen, Jodes, and Taylor taking a ride on the tube
Enjoying eachother around the campfire

I enjoyed the sun rise over the lake one morning.  It was a great time for me to reflect about how blessed I truly am. 

Ryen, Nyah, Leah, and Taylor playing in the RV.  They are the best of friends, this little crew.


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

....summer {NIGHTS}

We have had so much fun this summer and we've really loved going to different firework shows around the area! We've even held a few shows in our front yard late into the night. (sorry neighbors!)
 No summer is complete without good ole' fireworks! 
Here we are at a park nearby!  We came early enough and watched the beautiful sunset while "snugging" our babes!
Ethan and Nyah all cozy in their jammies are  waiting for fireworks to begin.

Marty brought some fun laser swords for the kids to play with.  Here they are battling it out with fieworks in the background...

Daddy & Nyah enjoying the firework show!
Ethan and Mommy "snugging" during the show.  Ethan was pretending to be asleep in this picture.  Silly boy!
Fireworks overlooking the pond....

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

...take hold of {HEAVEN}


NINETEEN {19} cute kids were in my home today,....never all at once,....but boy did we have a crazy, fun day! I'm tired,...but grateful!  Grateful to have amazing little friends for my children, family to share the joys of summer with, and the opportunity to help another family today!  Grateful.