Becoming Road

Becoming Road

Monday, March 11, 2013

come listen to a {PROPHET'S} voice,..

When we were little, growing up in New York, we would travel to the stake center to watch general conference and then basically "live" at the church all day long.  My mom would bring us food and we would often times have picnic lunches outside in between sessions.  We dressed up in our Sunday's best and it was a great time but made for a LONG day for us kids.  Now, living in Utah we are able to view conference in the comfort of our home and in our PJ's!  It is the best.  Since the twins were little we've tried to include them as much as possible and they love it!  We are really looking forward to conference in a couple of weeks!  It is ever powerful,..... listening to men and women called of God!

Ethan and Nyah are excited to use our Conference Board.  When they see a member of the First Presidency or one of the Twelve Apostles, they get to pick the snack, treat, or activity that goes along with that speaker. 

Snuggling with mommy during one of the talks...

Graham crackers and milk while listening....
We absolutely LOVE conference.  What a blessing it is to have a living prophet and leaders of our church who so willingly stand worthy and ready to minister to each of us. 
 As a mother, I feel especially grateful for conference because it helps me understand my role, what is most important, and what we should be doing as a family.  Also for me, it is a treasure because I always walk away with greater hope and resolve.  There are times when the words spoken are a direct answer to my prayers and worries.  I can only  imagine what it was like to stand at the foot of prophets like Moses, Noah, King Benjamin, or Abinadi as they stood as a witness of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  I know that just as they were prophets, we have a living prophet who reveals to us, in our day and for our time, the important truths and principles of the gospel.  It gives me an enormous amount of comfort knowing that our prophet stands as a mouthpiece for our Savior and is there to aid us in this mortal journey.