Becoming Road

Becoming Road

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Ethan and Nyah ...{SIX YEARS OLD}

Nickname:  Baby Girl, Nyah Girl, Our Little Fish

Nyah (6) is our brown-eyed, brown haired little girl.  She is older than Ethan by ONE whole minute and she loves that.  Nyah is compassionate, kind, smart, funny, and has a wonderful imagination. She loves to swim, play games, do puzzles, color, play dress up, and care for her baby dolls. She likes to learn and she is really good at making messes!  She also loves the outdoors and would love to campout or have a picnic everyday if she could. She will be the first to go play in the dirt or find some bugs!  She is a wonderful friend to others and finds accomplishment when she helps mommy around the house. Nyah sincerely prays every night for the blessing of a new brother and sister. It is very sweet!

Nickname:  Bug, Bug-a-boo, Punkin' Pie

Ethan (6) is our blond, blue-eyed little boy! He is ONE inch taller than Nyah and thinks that makes up for being just a tad younger!   Ethan is sweet, silly, forgiving, playful, and has a great love for books and anything electronic! He is a tender heart and is sensitive to others feelings. He loves every kind of sport imaginable and has always enjoyed sitting down with daddy or grandpa to watch the games. He loves to play superhero, help mommy in the kitchen, wrestle with daddy, and dance to jammin' tunes.  He is a great little singer and loves to learn through music. Ethan has recently joined a wrestling club and loves to "work-out" with the boys and have matches.  Ethan thinks it would be the coolest thing ever if he could serve a mission at Disneyland! 

 It is such a privilege to be parents to Ethan and Nyah.  They bring so much JOY and laughter into our home.  They have a deep love for each other and it is a great gift to see them grow up together.  They sincerely pray every night for the blessing of a little one to love. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

...goin' {FISHING}

Each year, we take a trip to East Canyon and spend time with Marty's family.  His siblings, their children, and NANA come and play for several days.  This year, Uncle Mitchell brought up fishing poles and the kids loved it!