Becoming Road

Becoming Road

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

we love.....General {CONFERENCE}

It has become one of our most favorite traditions as a family, be together all of general conference weekend and listen to the leaders of our church.  Truthfully, it is a time for Marty and I to get much needed answers and guidance for ourselves and especially in parenting!   For Ethan and Nyah, it is a time for them to grow their testimony of our Savior, listen to the prophet, and feel the spirit.  It is awesome!

Ethan and Nyah love it and I think that comes from the fact that from the time they were born we would dedicate our whole weekend and watch every session together as a family.  That is a lot to ask of little ones but we've been AMAZED at their ability to do it with a little planning. 

I spent some time going online finding games, activities, and attention getters for them so they would look forward to it and ultimately enjoy the time.  It has worked out really well for us and we feel grateful for this tradition we have in place.  
 Our general conference board!  Nyah and our neighbor decided to make a giant nest on our old one (my silly mess-maker!)  so we had to make a new one this year!  I'm actually kind of glad because I think it looked much better and I laminated the pieces this time which will help it last longer!
 Getting ready!  We "unveil" the conference board and the kids get to see what treats, snacks, and games/activities they will get to do when the different speakers give their talk.  So fun!  I can't take credit for this wonderful idea.  It was one I found online and it has made all the difference.

 Daddy takes lots of notes!  So Ethan decided he needed to as well.  Love these boys!
 Nyah loves the packets and coloring pages!  She is in love with coloring these days so that helps!  Ethan,...not so much! 
This was a cute moment I had to capture.  Ethan is all boy and loves his dress-up armor.  So when the very first talk was about the ARMOR OF GOD,...he squealed with excitement and had to find his gear.  He then decided to "write" about it in his notes.  Takes my breath away when this little boy shows his conviction in the gospel.
Our children are still little and we have the luxury of being able to carve out the entire weekend without having to juggle other commitments like sports or other things.  Who knows how that will work out in the years to come.  I sincerely hope that our children will always be excited to hear the prophets voice and be willing to make it a priority... always. 

Sunday, October 27, 2013

{JUST} because.....

Marty is very generous with his affection and oftentimes he will find ways to show his appreciation and love for me.  He made a run to Sam's Club with the kids the other day and they brought me home these beautiful flowers.  These kind of moments are a treasure to me because it means he was thinking about me and that I matter to him.  Heaven knows that we live a busy schedule and sometimes feel like we rarely get to spend more than ten uninterrupted minutes with each other.  Even if that is the case, Marty always finds a way to reconnect and make our little family his top priority.

Recently, I was thinking about everything that Marty has been taking on in order to bless our family and it really opened my eyes to the real sacrifices he makes JUST BECAUSE he loves us so much.  He needs to know that we notice and admire all that he does for us! So I asked the kids to tell me what they see Daddy doing for them and then I pondered the question as well.  Here is what we came up with......
  • He wakes up @ 4:30 a.m. to work out because he wants to be healthy and continue to lose weight.  He has lost 21 lbs in the last month!
  • He kisses each one of us before he leaves for work (while we are still asleep) and tells us he loves us.
  • He works very hard in his profession to support our family and provide for everything we need.
  • He lovingly sends back replies when Ethan texts him through the day wanting to check in with his daddy.
  • He praises our children and finds creative ways to teach them, discipline them, and mold them into good, responsible little ones!
  • He supports his students and will attend events that they are participating in when he can.  We often go with him and the kids love it!
  • He continues to work on his professional development at work so that he can continue to grow and touch the lives of the youth.  He is currently working on two major projects.
  • He leads us in family prayer and scripture study everyday and helps us make it a priority.
  • He sings to the Ethan and Nyah all the time and they love cuddling up with him.
  • He expands his talents and is currently cast in the production of Scrooge: a Christmas Carol set to be performed after Thanksgiving up until Christmas.  Ethan and Nyah LOVE watching him practice and know all of his lines and songs!
  • He volunteer coaches for Ethan's wrestling team because he has a passion for it but more so because he wants to spend quality time with Ethan. 
  • He tells Nyah she is beautiful everyday because it is so important to him that she knows she if valued, important, and will never have to seek esteem from the world if she knows that he AND her Father in Heaven love her!
  • He plans fun activities and outings for us as a family.
  • He takes Ethan & Nyah on daddy-daughter and father-son dates,...even if it is to the store. 
  • He writes in our family journal often and records fun and important things that we would all like to remember.
  • He helps the twins learn the importance of work and is good to reward them after the task is done!
  • He loves to serve friends and neighbors whenever he can. If he knows there is a need,  he loves to help anyone out!
  • He worked an extra job this summer so we could be better prepared financially for adoptions costs.
  • He plays and plays with the kids, with the cousins, and with the neighbor kids.  He isn't afraid to be goofy and get down on their level!
  • .....and probably one of the most important,....He forsakes much of what the world offers so he can remain worthy of the priesthood thus blessing our family and those he serves.   
Marty playing with all the kids at Ethan & Nyah's 6th birthday party!  Forget the piƱata,...they wanted to play with him!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

...all {GROWN} up!

These two cutie pies never cease to amaze me.  Recently their vocabulary is blowing me away and I have been shocked at some of the phrases they use.  Do most 6 year olds say these things?

 "...speaking of which..."
"That was not appropriate!"
"Jesus loves me because he was crucified and resurrected."
"mom, can trust me!"
"I'm just curious."
"I'm just so frustrated!"
"Man your stations,..."
"Of course!"
"mom I want to make a sculpture!"
"I will clean my room but I have to go potty beforehand!"
"Is that in our budget?"
"Suppose we....."
"Not to mention...."
"I think I need to ponder that.."
"I am grateful for..."
"..I'm contagious!"