Becoming Road

Becoming Road

Monday, November 11, 2013

{DISCOVERING} new things....

The kids and I just recently headed downtown with our dear friends to the children's museum.  It was so fun to play with Heather, Parker, Mitzi, Carter, and Kaylee.  Ethan and Nyah were a little devastated to leave our first day there, but we returned the next week and stayed for 4 hours!  It was a treasure to watch them have so much fun and spend time with amazing friends! 
 Ethan pumping gas into his cool red car!  Everything here is so life-like and the kids were amazed!
 Nyah and Kaylee loved playing in the grocery store!  I think Nyah could have lived there sorting and helping customers!
 Ethan enjoyed playing at the HUGE water table.  Levers, ramps, and all sorts of gadgets were at his fingertips!
 Ethan and his good friend Carter played construction crew!  They were hilarious as they shouted out orders while "at work!"
 Kaylee and Nyah checking out the life-flight rescue helicopter!  They took turns taking care of patients....
 Little Parker was so sweet and fun to watch!  He was ready to go checking in patients to the emergency room!
 The "hospital staff" bringing a patient to the rescue helicopter!
 Pilot Carter and Co-Pilot Ethan touching down on the helicopter pad!
 We returned the next week for more fun!  Nyah wanted to go straight to the grocery store!
 Ethan and Nyah building together....
 Parker was so cute playing the mailman! 
 Nyah came out to check the mail....
 Ethan had fun taking care of his customers!
Nyah hosted a lovely meal for another little one she met while playing.  She loves to take care of others.
 Ethan back working in the emergency room.  This was definitely his favorite part of the museum!
Nyah took a moment to play the piano.  Oh, I hope she loves piano as much as her mommy!

Friday, November 1, 2013

...these fine {WOMEN}

I feel very lucky to have these wonderful women in my life....MY SISTERS!  They each carry qualities that remind me of my sweet mom and I'm so grateful for each of them.  I couldn't ask for better sisters, aunts to my children, and best friends!  I am so looking forward to our Park City getaway this month!  Paige is flying out from New York and I am so excited to see her! 
I miss mom everyday,...but thankfully each one of these fine women keep her legacy shining.....

I see MOM in....
Machelle because she is a woman of FAITH!  Machelle is a rock and never waivers from the most important things to her in this life;  her family, her faith, her relationship with her Savior, and her role as a mother!  For Machelle, family is EVERYTHING and so was it for our Mom.
I see MOM in.....
Paige because she is utterly SELF-LESS like mom was.  Paige gives so much to her family and finds JOY in serving and loving her husband and children without complaint.  Such profound quiet strength!  Mom was the same way!
I see MOM in.....
Kristy because she is COMPASSIONATE and ever forgiving!  Kristy would give those around her anything she possessed if she saw a need.  She LOVES to LOVE her family and dedicates so much of her daily life to all of us.  She is also the only one we would trust to make Mom's special Christmas stockings and take care of our Dad!
I see MOM in....
Nicole because she makes everything BEAUTIFUL around her.  Nicole is the master planner, decorator, and hostess.  Her hospitality and attention to detail mirrors what Mom did so effortlessly!  Nicole takes care of everyone and is a huge TIE among us which brings me comfort!
I see Mom in....
Jodie because she is STRONG and gracefully handles everyday life with an attitude of gratitude and playfulness.  She never complains but instead makes each day important and doesn't waste moments planning for that rainy day,...but instead puts into action the desires of her heart!