Becoming Road

Becoming Road

Friday, November 30, 2007

Mommy & Daddy's bed...

Our bed has become the gathering place.  Since the twins were born,...Marty and I have done their night routine in our room on our bed.  We would each take one of the babies and feed them their last bottle of the day and then place them securely into their pack and play right next to our bed.  They love our bed and we love to watch them play and snuggle with eachother there!  We hope to always have an open door for our children to come in and gather.  We want them to feel like they will always have us to lean on.  Our hope is that our children will know that we want to be there for them and that they are our priority always!  I love my babies!

Snuggling up on Mommy & Daddy's bed.

Giving loves...