Becoming Road

Becoming Road

Wednesday, January 1, 2014


We dedicate a lot of our time together as a family! We love to go on picnics, play at the park, go camping and boating, play silly games at home, swim, have family movie nights, sing together, go on vacation, and spend time with our extended families which are very close and a big part of our lives. Marty and I feel very blessed to live close to our extended families and have opportunities to spend time with them often. 
 Here are some of the fun traditions that we enjoy as a family:
Our Little Family:
Bedtime Books, Singing & Prayers
Family Dinners
Daddy-Daughter, Mommy-Son Dates
Father-Son Outings
Girls' Day Out
Spring and Fall Mini Vacation Getaways
Christmas PJ's
Christmas Advent Calendar
12 days of Christmas Service
Pumpkin Patch/Carving
Family Home Evening & Scripture Study
Birthday Surprises
Family Movie Nights
Saturday Work-Then PLAY days
Marty's Family Traditions:
Game Nights
Birthday Lunches with Nana
Grape Harvesting
Father's Day Campout/Vacation
Cousin Parties
4th of July Breakfast
Christmas Karaoke Party
Christmas Eve at Nana and Papa's
Brigette's Family Traditions:
Sunday Dinners
New Years Eve Dice Game & Party
Soup-er Bowl Gathering
Easter Dinner & Egg Hunt
 Summer Time-Share/Vacation
Camping & Boating
Sister's Fall Getaway
Halloween Bash
Christmas Lights
Christmas Day Brunch & Gift Exchange

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