Becoming Road

Becoming Road

Monday, August 19, 2013

The {Story} of US

Marty and I met on New Years Eve!  My sister was dating his older brother and our two families got together that evening.  While I thought nothing of it at the time, Marty went home with the distinct feeling that he met his future wife!  (crazy,..I know!)  Not long after, he called me up and we went on our first date. I was in college at the time and he drove the hour to come pick me up.   I remember thinking that it would be fun but that I didn't see anything coming from it.  We were so different,......I thought!  It ended up being the best night ever and I was extremely impressed by him for so many reasons. We continued dating while I finished up my last semester in college and were married that summer! 

When people say opposites attract, is true!  I am the planner and he is spontaneous!  He loves a big crowd and I am more comfortable amongst family and  really close friends.  He likes surprises and I like to have time to get used to things.   I love chocolate and he loves things that are sour!  ....And it just works!  Where one is weak, the other is strong and it has blessed our marriage so much.  The thing we have realized is that even though we are different in a lot of ways, our goals and beliefs are grounded in the same place.  We want the same things and we cherish the same things.  Family is the most important thing to us and we rarely disagree on anything pertaining to our marriage, raising our children, or fostering relationships with our loved ones.  That is why we work so well!

When Marty and I got married I had only student teaching left to finish up my degree.  I finished up and graduated with a Bachelors in Psychology and Special Education.  I got a job immediately after teaching at risk children with behavior disorders.  Marty started his schooling at that point and was awarded a Bachelors in Communications and Public Relations.  When he was nearing the end of his degree we had an experience while at a marriage retreat that would change the course of our lives forever.  He had a distinct feeling that he should pursue religious education.  He immediately entered into the program, while finishing his bachelors, and was selected to student teach that next year.  He student taught in various settings that entire year and was hired that May.  Teaching seminary and institute was his dream job and we felt so blessed to have been hired especially since only 27 out of almost 1000 of the original applicants had been hired that year.

While I was working and Marty was going through school, we prayed earnestly to start a family.  We knew early on that it would be hard for us to have biological children and our journey of infertility spanned over seven years.  We pursued many medical avenues including surgeries and expensive fertility treatments/procedures that resulted in only heartache.  Our desire for children was everything to us!  Our relationship as a couple grew even stronger because of this hard time in our life and we feel blessed to say that those unanswered prayers were everything we needed.  We were able to focus on each other and really rely and serve one another.  We also learned patience and the gift of turning our desires over to the LORD and allowing his greater plan to unfold.  And so it did!  In 2007 we were blessed to adopt twins!  Marty continues to teach seminary and I am blessed to be home with our children.

Height:  5'10'
Age: 36
Hair Color: Blonde/Light Brown
Eye Color: Hazel/Blue
Educational Background:  Bachelors in Communications/Public Relations and Masters in Education (Curriculum & Instruction)
Favorite Things:  Brigette (he told me to say that), his children, chocolate covered cinnamon bears, football & wrestling, writing, and traveling.
Height: 5'7''
Age: 35
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Hazel/Brown
Educational Background:  Bachelors in Psychology and Special Education
Favorite Things:  her family, chocolate, a good book, singing, piano, and vacationing with loved ones. 

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