Becoming Road

Becoming Road

Thursday, February 25, 2010


For Marty's birthday, (back in January--I am so behind) we went to a Jazz Game. His brother has season tickets and invited us to attend a special box seat event with some pretty extravagant amenities. Seriously, the only thing lacking was the "red carpet!" The night started with VIP parking right next to the Energy Solutions Arena. Then....we entered the Arena and took the elevator to the "suite" floor where we found the O.C. Tanner Executive Club. They took our coats and invited us in with a warm welcome and friendly smiles. We were directed to our table which was adorned with gorgeous linens, plates, polished silver, and flowers. The suite was HUGE and it probably had 20 tables, some of which were right up against the glass wall looking into the arena. (so cool!) There were also box seats directly below us available to sit in with a even closer view. We even had our own concierge who took very good care of us. We were served salads, fresh fruits, fine cheeses, prime rib, crab, and decadent desserts. We got a great deal on this package but it still cost a pretty penny. Since the twins have been born we haven't done "BIG" birthdays like we used to and I thought it was worth it for my sweetheart. EXCEPT.....

A week prior to us attending this LAVISH event, I was up really early getting ready for something when I turned the t.v. on to watch the early morning news. (something I enjoyed doing in my working days). I immediately was overcome with grief as I watched the news broadcast images from the recent tragic earthquake in Haiti. I was overwhelmed by images of death, destruction, lost families, and the worst sight....CHILDREN lying in the streets, horribly injured with not a soul around. I felt so extremely scared and sad for what was happening. I imagined what I would be doing if this were happening to me and my family. I cried, and cried until my makeup was completely gone! I was a MESS! All I could ask myself was...HOW DARE I go to this lavish event while there are people at that very moment living their worst nightmare,... some having lost everything they have and those they love? WHO AM I to sit and watch over payed basketball stars play a game that means much less to me than most things, and do so while eating fine food and being pampered by my own personal servant? WHO ARE WE to spend this kind of money when it could be used to help people survive and recover. I was ready to demand a refund, not attend the event, and donate every dime of that money to Haiti! I was a MESS. I had my mind to call O.C. Tanner and give them a piece of my mind for offering such extravagant entertainment at such a high price when clearly there are so much more important things to do, and be, and give than just temporary pleasures! AND then,..I calmed myself down and realized even if I boycotted the event....they wouldn't return our money and it wouldn't make much of a difference to them. It was then that I decided to go to our church website where I was confident that they would have already seen the need and started relief efforts. I was so comforted when I read that they had sent enormous amounts of aid already and requested that members donate more humanitarian aid. It was the first thing we did that next Sunday.
So,.... we went to the event and actually had an incredible time. I loved giving that to my husband on his special day! BUT I have to say,...I will evaluate more so in the future, the "THINGS" that we do as a couple and family. Because they are just THINGS and while it was a memory, which I will treasure, I now understand better that simple memories, ones that aren't lavish and don't require a lot of money, are just as precious to me. Maybe even more.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

~He's all HEART~

When Ethan was born, they found that he had a condition called ASD. Basically, there is small hole in between the two chambers of his heart. We have monitored it since birth, and he has been blessed with no complications. They said it would do 1 of 3 things. 1~it would remedy itself. 2~it would stay small and not affect him at all even through adulthood or 3~he would need laproscopic surgery (very mild) to patch the hole. Our past visits to the pediatric cardiologist have gone so well that we don't need to see her for another year! What a blessing!

Ethan has another "heart condition." He has the most tender heart in the world! He also has the most precious ability to forgive. The amazing thing about him is that he feels what others feel and is very sensitive to what goes on around him. He also has such an amazing gift of the spirit! He KNOWS who our Savior, Je.sus Christ is! Since he was so small, he was drawn to ANYTHING that had to do with Jesus. Some are given the gift of faith, or to believe, but for Ethan he has the gift to KNOW Jesus and I feel so blessed to have that as an example in our home. When your son opens the scriptures or a book about Jesus and stares and studys the things on the page, all one could think is that he has a different heart, one that is weaker, but in a humble, meek, and child-like way. One that allows him to be touched and moved to be more Christ-like even at such a young age. I sincerely hope this gift remains with him forever!

~My Brown Eyed Girl~

Nyah and Ethan have seen an eye doctor since they were 6 months old. When they were born, the doctors recommended that we take them in because they were preemies and might have some vision concerns if things weren't developed fully. Well,....Ethan had "tosis" which is the drooping of the eyelid, but nothing else. Since then, it has mostly cleared up and the doctor says he is doing so great! What a little stud! Nyah, on the other hand, was tested and they found that she was far-sighted. It was significant enough that the doctor said we would eventually need to put her in glasses to prevent cross-eyed or lazy eye vision. Oh how cute she would be in stylish little glasses!!

So we went into the doctor today, whom I LOVE, and found out that our sweet brown-eyed girl has improved so much in her vision. She went from being 5 diopeters (sp?) to only 2! He was so pleased and said that while we will continue to monitor it,...he isn't sure that she will need glasses afterall!
The fun part of it all was that she was so willing and obedient at the visit and she lovingly melted the heart of her opthamalogist. I am so proud of her!