Becoming Road

Becoming Road

Friday, June 10, 2011

Our special day...

On May 14, we celebrated our 3rd Annivesary of being sealed to the twins in the temple! We went down to the SLC temple and spent some time there as a family! What a blessing it is to be a forever family! The twins were sealed to us when they were 11 months old. We had to wait awhile longer because they are Cherokee decent and we had to get tribal approval. Read more about this remarkable story here! (go to April 30, 2008 entry)
Beautiful Nyah on our sealing day. When Nyah was brought into the sealing room, I couldn't help wondering how it was that I was chosen to be the precious baby girl's mother. I had this overwhelming feeling that we were both Daughters of God and that he loved us so much. She was so attentive during the ceremony. Almost as if she was fully aware of what was going on and wanted to remember it! Here is Ethan on our special Day! When Ethan was brought to us in the sealing room I immediately got emotional because I felt so blessed to have this sweet boy! I treasure this little man and can't imagine my world without him. He stole the heart of everyone in the temple that day with his bright blue eyes and big smile!

While on the temple grounds, Ethan and Nyah found these huge lights that illuminate the temple. They thought they looked like church podiums and decided to give little "talks" and prayers at the pulpit! Nyah is helping Ethan bear his testimony! It was darling!

Ethan & Nyah running through temple grounds hand in hand. People ask us all the time if they get along. Not only do they get along (aside from those rare moments of sibling frustration) they adore eachother.

Hugs outside the temple!