Becoming Road

Becoming Road

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

50th Wedding Anniversary

50 YEARS AGO, this cute couple got married! Even though Marty's dad passed away shortly after we were married, we wanted to celebrate his parents' love and throw Marty's mom a surprise anniversary dinner! Here they are with their wedding line! Don't you love how classic everyone looks!

 Marty's parents...(on our wedding day!)

Marty's sister Deb and I decorated a nearby church cultural hall! We used RED and WHITE because those were their colors and we splashed the decor with some gold signifying the 50 Year milestone.

Marty and I told Mom that we were inviting her to a special "musical fireside with dinner" at our church and asked her to dress up. Marty told her to try on this corsage (sp?) to see if she thought it would fit ME. He told her he wanted to surprise me with it as I had been "at the church all day setting up this fireside" and deserved something special. Little did she know what we were really doing all that time.

When she walked into the cultural hall we shouted "SURPRISE!" and she was in shock. She kept saying,..."You guys!" She teared up and was grinning ear to ear. We invited her to sit at that table and be served along with her children and grandchildren whom could attend. We had ceasar salad, steak, shrimp, twice baked potatoes, and baked Alaska for dessert. YUMMO! She loved every morsel! Side note,....Marty's mom is quite the cook and she always blesses our family with wonderful meals and desserts! I think she was overjoyed because she was the recipient of such love this time.....

Deb scanned in pictures from their wedding album and I made a slideshow to music. We had so much fun watching it! So tender....

Happy Anniversay Mom & Dad!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Once upon a time...

Ethan and Nyah just turned 4 years old last month and we held a grand celebration! We decided that since Ethan loves toy story and superheroes and Nyah loves anything princess or fairytale that we would make this year's birthday theme,....."Once upon a time!"

Ethan & Nyah opened their 1st gift before the guests arrived. We gave Ethan superhero outfits and Nyah a princess dress. It was perfect for their big party!

All of the cousins came dressed up for the grand celebration. The girls wore their finest gowns and the boys wore superhero gear. My nephew even made a cape out of ducktape which was awesome. (I am bummed that I didn't get a picture of it....)

Our beautiful princess!

Our brave superhero! (he changed his outfit like 4 different times throughout the day, cute!)

My sister, Machelle helped me make the cake again this year and it turned out so fabulous! Since we did a "Once upon a time...." theme we decided to make a story book with Ethan & Nyah's favorite stories. It was a lot of fun making it and Ethan was so excited to see Andy's bed on his cake! Nyah loved her little princesses and wanted me to read her story over and over again.

Here is Nyah's side of the cake! We already had the little princess dolls and made their dresses out of cupcakes! So fun!!

Ethan's side was super fun to do! We used more cake to shape the bed and used pretzel type snacks for the posts. He loved it.... Having fun on our their big day! We played "courtyard" games and had a blast. We held horse races, played duck-duck-goose, and had a magic show starring buzz lightyear!

And here are the guests!!! Ethan and Nyah ADORE their family! Having grandparents, aunts & uncles, and their cousins at their party was a big highlight for them. They felt so loved and it was such a special day!