Becoming Road

Becoming Road

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My {DAD}...

My {DAD}~ Thanksgiving 2010
This month my DAD celebrated his 73rd birthday!  I know,...he doesn't even look like he could be in his 70's!  He is a remarkable person and I wanted to dedicate some time in writing my thoughts and feelings about him......

My {DAD}....
I love my Dad because he
~Is my children's grandfather who they lovinly call "Ponka!"  And they A.D.O.R.E. him!
~LOVES his family and has always placed them as the highest priority! 
~took me on Daddy/Daughter dates (and my 5 other sisters) which I still remember.  One time he took me to the YMCA swimming pool and I totally remember beating him at handstand contests under water!  (or did I?---he probably let me win!)
~was my protector.  I remember traveling from New York to Utah in our camper and he would drive into the wee hours of the morning so we could get there faster!  I felt so safe and happy sleeping in our camper as he drove through the night! 
~is an example in so many ways!  service. love. family loyalty. humor. hard work. education. frugality. devotion to spouse. fun. adventurous. a true family man!
~writes birthday letters to all of us each year!  (his children and grandchildren) Each letter he shares his memories of us, his gratefulness, his joy in being a dad and grandpa, and other uplifting things.  I treasure this and have kept them ALL in our memory boxes.
~can slolom ski at the age of 73!  He still has it folks!  My dad is a fit and healthy man because he works hard at making it a priority!  I remember when I was little he would take runs outside and I would be waiting at the end of our driveway with a drink of water in my hand which he would grab, drink, and throw on the grass.  And then we'd do it all over again.  I lived for that!
~is frugal and never spent the money he could but instead taught us how important it is to get an education, work hard, and be smart with money. 
~loves sports, hunting, and is a man's man  and yet he found a way to connect with all of his girls, never having a son, and made our lives interests important to him
~worked hard everyday of his life so he could support our family until he retired and now he has served in the temple and now is on a guest service mission at temple square. 
~loves people and makes them feel special.  (I married a man just like that!!!) He is the most non-judgemental man.  He assumes the best and believes in people.  He is a positive person and never dwells on the negative.  He will be the first to say,.....things happen, learn, fix it,...and move on.
~watched chick flicks with his girls and loves country music becuase as he puts it "each song tells a story and it means somthing."  He is a big sap!
~is brilliant and can make anything out of nothing!  He recently helped my nephew build a replica of the Sanfrancisco bridge and and an egyptian pyramid. (the size of a bathtub, no doubt.)  His civil engineer background and assortment of tools and gadgets sure came in handy and they were amazing!
~lovingly and self-lessly took care of MOM when she was so sick with Cancer and courageously let her go when Heavenly Father let him know it was time.  He adores my mother still and was an amazing example to me in his marriage and love for her!

Seriously,...this list could go on....and on....and on.  I feel so much gratitude for my dad and feel so grateful for his love for me!

Monday, August 29, 2011

An Anniversary to {REMEMBER)....

Brigette planned our 11th Anniversary this year and IT....WAS......AMAZING!  When she picked me up from work,. She gave me this box of envelopes and a litte note that read....
Happy 11th Anniversary Honey! 
There is so much fun in store and I can’t wait to spend this time with you. 
Here’s to 11 years of memories, and making 11 NEW MEMORIES in the next two days!
 I love you!  Open envelope #1!

Smooch on the fly…
Honey,…..Set the timer on your phone for any time between 3-5 minutes.  When the alarm goes off, we’ll stop wherever we are and will share a  Kiss in a never before place!

Dollar Memory….
Go to the nearest gas station and buy something for less than a $1 and we’ll share it on the car ride to our next destination!
A new destination for the night…..Let’s head to a romantic place  we’ve never been,….The Inn on the Hill.

A new photo opp…..
Starting at the front door of the Inn,…  pick a number between 1-100.  Now,..Count that many paces and we’ll take a photograph with one another wherever we stand!

Surprise eats…..
Okay, for some yummy fun!  This time…you get to pick!  Choose one of the following dining experiences where we’ve never been!  What are you in the mood for????
Mexican: Red Iguana, Chinese: Thaifoon OR...Italian:  Tucci’s

Concert in the park…..
Now let’s have some entertainment fun!  Head over to the Brigham Young Historic Park for a comedic, musical concert!

A walk to remember…..
Let’s walk hand in hand and take a  stroll under the stars.
New treats….
Now we’re off to have some GELATO,…together!  Let’s take a leisurely
drive to Dolcetti Geleto and experience the real thing!

Unmentionable fun……
Now it’s time to head back to the Inn to make more memories. (need I say more!?)
New day,…new tradition….
Couples Journal…..Start a new tradition of keeping a couples journal.  We are both authors in this journal.  Our goal is easy…write one entry per week.  One of us simply writes a memory, something that made us smile or something we never ever want to forget.  I then pass it off to you!  You then add to my writing and start a new memory.  Then,…I get the journal back, add to your writing and start a new memory.  And it goes on…

Forever memory,…
Now that the celebration of our 11th anniversary is coming to a close I thought it would be most fitting to create this next memory with our forever family.  Let’s go pick up the kids and have a picnic LUNCH!  (the catch is,….we have to find a place we’ve never gone to create this final NEW MEMORY…

This anniversary was a blast!  Isn't my wife the bomb!!!?  I'm in charge next year,..and I'll have to start planning now to even come close to this amazing time we've had!  One thing I know for sure,...
These are memories that we will never forget...