Becoming Road

Becoming Road

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our sometimes {REALITY}...

Okay, we have our super sweet, amazingly intelligent, very imaginative little girl!  Nyah.
Then,..we have our tender-hearted, rough and tumbly, very laidback little man!  Ethan.

Most of the time our days are filled with fun, laughter, silly moments, hugs, kisses, and memorable times.  And then there are days when other, reality happens----------
Did you know that Nail Polish Remover can remover PERMANENT MARKER off your windows.  Well luckily it is true.  Our sweet Nyah decided to make our sliding glass door her art canvas and took permament marker to it!  When I saw it,...I painfully paused and stood there........(not sure if the fury would be unleashed or not) and I eventually said to her, "Nyah,...I don't even know what to say or do at this moment!"  She promptly replied, "Mom, big deal.  We can call the window doctor!"  Oh, I think those cute little words saved my child in that moment.  I just laughed, shut the curtain, and walked away knowing I would have to eventually fix it but not knowing if that was possible. Nyah did lose marker priveleges for a week and still remembers  Luckily, my sister in law said that nail polish remover would take it off.  Unfortunately, it does not take permanent marker off of curtains, which I realized a few days later were covered as well (on the backside).  Oh my......

Did you know that it is NOT a good idea to get your laptop wet?  EVER!  Okay, I came downstairs to find my cutie pies,..Ethan and Nyah, cleaning mommy's laptop,...with a SPRAY BOTTLE full of WATER!  I ran to them, grabbed the water bottle,..looked at the blank screen and realized very quickly that mommy wasn't going to have working computer for awhile.  It was fried.  It was toast.  It was not a good moment.  I wish I could say that I was brilliant and totally kept my calm and showed patience and used this as a glorious teaching moment.  Oh I wish I had!  Instead,...I stared down my children and kept asking them...."WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?"  They eventually had an answer.  "We were just cleaning it mommy! It was dirty!"    It took me two days to even tell Marty so I could be calm in the moment and not escalate him too.  He handled it well actually.  We sent it to get fixed and 12 days later had it returned to us with all files and pictures in tact THANKFULLY!  We had to buy a new motherboard and it was sooooo expensive.  How do you explain that amount of money to children???   All they knew was that the computer was at the computer doctors and that we wouldn't be able to play on PBS kids anytime soon!
Marty and Brigette photo
 Did you know that FLOUR is not really super easy to clean up when it is thrown up in the air and all over the place?  I had to go to the bathroom, was gone 2 MINUTES, and found this when I returned.  We were making bread and the kids were told to sit tight for a second and I'd be back to finish making the bread with them.  My flour container was FULL and when I came back, it was nearly empty!  Where did all that flour go?  EVERYWHERE!  Okay,..this time I took a deep breath, grabbed the camera and snapped a photo of these two mischeif makers!  Marty thought it was super cool of me actually to not have a melt down right then and there.  (He was in the family room,..totally OBLIVIOUS to what was taking place which is beyond me!)  Needless to say,..we had a long conversation about how we treat food and making messes.  Oh my word,...does this happen to anyone else?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

{SUMMER} lovin'.....


Snowbird. FUN. cousins. sisters. brothers-in-law.  pool time. hiking. chillin'. Grandpa. memories.

Summer lovin' had us a blast!  We had a great time this summer at my parent's timeshare up at Snowbird!  We lived in the pool and hot tubs!  We also enjoyed hiking and just chilling in the rooms!  We have had this tradition every other year since my parents bought the time share over 10 years ago!  It is a blessing to have the time share,..but more importantly it is a treasure to have this dedicated time together as a family!  We celebrated moms birthday and wrote her loves notes on helium balloons which we sent up to the clouds!  It was tender....