Becoming Road

Becoming Road

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


We had a blast this year going to pick pumpkins!  My sister's birthday is in October, so we invited her to come  along which made it extra special.  I had broken my foot a couple of weeks before we went and I had to go in on crutches but it was actually really fun.  Brigette brought a camping chair with us just in case I needed to lay off my foot for a bit.  We took a hayride into the patch and that was a highlight for sure. The patch was FILLED with so many great pumpkins!  Ethan and Nyah picked out some pumpkins right away but they were still attached to their vines.  Two little boys were near by and helped them cut their pumpkins free with their little army knives.  It was really cute.  One of the family owners was the tractor driver and he told us to pick an extra pumpkin because our kids were so cute (and had picked the smallest little pumpkins).  We came home with some dang good looking pumpkins which we later carved for Halloween.  This year, we put different colored glowsticks inside our pumpkins which made them look extra SPOOKY!  Ethan and Nyah like the word spooky......

We also took Debi out to dinner for her birthday afterwards!  I think it was really special to spend one-on-time with her.  Ethan and Nyah really love her...

I love the FALL!