Becoming Road

Becoming Road

Friday, December 30, 2011

(CHRISTMAS} two thousand eleven

christmas eve. jammies. anticipation. wonder. christmas day. hot cocoa.

{CHRISTMAS} two thousand eleven!

This year was magical!  Ethan and Nyah were so giddy about everthing surrounding the holidays!  We spent quality time with our families, ate way too much yummy food and goodies, stayed up late, slept in, went to see the lights over and over and over, and rocked out to some way fun christmas music.  (Ethan and Nyah still love to sing Baby, It's Cold Outside, which they learned last year!)  Marty bought us the Michael Buble' christmas album and it is awesome!  We have it on continuous play in the car and Ethan and Nyah love jingle bells especially!  Nyah does a little shoulder shimmy while Ethan pretends to play the big band instruments.  Music is so amazing.  so contagious!

We spent time pondering our Savior, Jesus Christ, and Ethan and Nyah love telling the story of his birth.  This year, Christmas fell on Sunday so we actually "asked Santa" to come a day early so we could really focus on the Savior and family on Sunday. It worked perfect!  It made for a pretty JOYFUL weekend.  I wish I could bottle the feelings and spirt of Christmas and open it up during the year when we need some added joy and love.