Becoming Road

Becoming Road

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A trip around the {WORLD}...

She's done it again!  Brigette spoiled me on my birthday and sent me on a Trip Around the World.  Well, okay not literally, but she planned really fun things to do that had to do with experiencing other countries.  She even used a web translator to translate some of her messages into the language of each country.  Here is what she did....

For your birthday…
a trip around the world!

Belgian Waffles~  Happy birthday!  Your wish has come true!  Today,…we’d like to give you a trip around the world!  Enjoy these Belgian gedaas,… in celebration of you on this day!

Siesta~  Now it’s time to enjoy a siesta,…some relajación and play as a family.  The twins will tell you what’s in store!  Play,..have fun, relax and be ready for your next trip.

Artic Circle~  Let’s head into the bitter cold terrain of the Artic.  There we will enjoy hádegismatur as a family!

Mission Impossible Movie ~ Let’s do the невозможная миссия and go to Russia!

Swedish Fish: ~ Let’s share a small treat,… Swedish fiskar!

Outback Steakhouse~  Let’s get some Aussie grub from down under!

French Kiss:  ~ Let’s steal a bisou francias in the moonlight!

Canada Dry: ~Let’s faites un toast dans la célébration d'entre vous Canadian Style!

Biscotti:  ~ Let’s treat ourselves to some Cioccolata calda and biscotti from Italy!

It was a great birthday and Brigette did some really creative things.  Yeah,..I pretty much have the best wife...EVER!