Becoming Road

Becoming Road

Thursday, April 26, 2012

{OUR} Avengers

Who needs these guys.......

When you have these {HEROES}.............................

Ethan & Nyah invited some friends over and they spent most of the day battling bad guys using Ethan's superhero gear! 
No more BAD GUYS around here!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

{MISSION} impossible..

Wow!  Marty is amazing!  We just celebrated my 34th birthday and Marty pulled out all the stops!  But let me back up a bit...... Marty and I have always loved the Mission Impossible movies and just recently went and saw the 4th one which we loved.  So, knowing how much I dig Mission Impossible, he planned a birthday surprise for me that spanned over about 4 days.  He prepared {34} missions for me (or our family) to complete!  Oh, was so fun!  He even tape recorded some of the messages and true to form each one self-destructed in 5 seconds!  (the kids LOVED this!)   He gave a name to each mission and gave us each our own A.G.E.N.T. names which later changed to keep our identities secret (ha!)  It was so much fun and I am so grateful for a hubby who spends so much time making me feel special. 
Here are some of my favorite {MISSIONS}:
Agent Nyah Lo & Agent Hubby

Agent Ethan Jo & Agent Mommy

OPERATION Drink Run:  You will receive a phone call from Agent Hubby a.k.a Agent Daddy asking for your cooperation.  You will quickly acquire liquid refreshment at a discounted price, being "Thirsty Thursday," for each member of your team and safely transport it back to home base.

** this got me out of the house long enough for Marty to hide some gifts around the house and gear up!  When I returned he and the twins were decked out in agent apparel:  sunglasses, hats, and code names!  I came in and they were singing the mission impossible song.  I was pretty surprised to see how much Ethan and Nyah got into it!  It was hilarious! They outfitted me with my special hat and red sunglasses too! The next mission, the Italian Job, sent us to "Italy" which later brought us to the Olive Garden for dinner!  Yummo... We had to be quick because we had our Adoption Home Study scheduled that evening which is why Marty wrote this next mission....

OPERATION Amber Encounters of the Third Kind:  You will hear a knock at home base near the hour of 7:30.  Upon opening the door, you will greet a diplomat haling from LDS Family Services. (she is a spy)  You must put your best foot forward, as you notice she will ask to be shown around and will take notes of home base.  While this is very unusual, to allow so much Intel to be transcribed about home base, the opportunity to add another agent to our team is worthy of the risk.

** this cracked me up! Marty knew we had our adoption homestudy scheduled that night so he fit it right into the missions.  I thought it was so creative! I was actually really glad to have our homestudy on my birthday.  It was a gift to me to know we were that much closer in being ready to adopt again

OPERATION Life's a Picnic:  This is a very important operation to future missions.  It will take all (3) agents,... Red, Blue, and Pink (our new names given previously so as to stay undercover).  You must plan, create, and pack a picnic lunch in preparation for a rendezvous with Agent Green.  More details to come..

** the kids and I packed a picnic lunch and Marty took us out into nature where we ate and completed other missions having to do with tactical training and other fun things.  It was super fun..

And,...he did this for (34) different missions!  I was pretty impressed.  I really loved how excited it made Ethan and Nyah too!  I do have to mention that included in my gifts from OPERATION Italian Job, I recieved a sewing machine and a beautiful bouquet of flowers!  Isn't my hubby so wonderful!