Becoming Road

Becoming Road

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


We love Halloween and this year we decided our little family would turn into SUPER HEROS!  Ethan, having a love for the Avengers, wanted to be Captain America!  He was very excited to make Daddy into the HULK!  Nyah has always wanted to be the family from INCREDIBLES and so she and I were Violet and Elastigirl!  We found deals on the kids' costumes and Marty and I made our costumes from things around the house.  It was so fun and we definitely turned a few heads walking around the neighborhood. 
the Hulk, Captain America, Violet, and Elastigirl ready to defend and beat the bad guys!

Just loved our costumes this year!

We went to Nicole & Matt's annual Halloween Bash and had a blast with everyone.  The twins loved seeing their cousins.

Kristy, Brigette, Machelle, Jodie, Dad, and Nicole.  Missing Paige in New York and Mom who I am sure was smiling down at our silly family! 

Monday, October 29, 2012


We took our traditional trip to the pumpkin patch this year in search of some great pumpkins in celebration of FALL(our most favorite time of year) and for Halloween!  We brought along Aunt Debi, Aunt Jodie, and Taylor and had a wonderful time in the fields close to our home.  We took a tractor ride in and the kids loved it.  Each year our local pumpkin patch hires kids to dress up in wolf costumes and hide in bushes and ravines.  We prepped the kids and they thought it was so cool to keep an eye out for the wolves!  They giggled when they popped out from their hiding places! 
It was a great day at the pumpkin patch and I love that we live so close to it.  It is nice to support our local farmers and we feel grateful to be near such beautiful farm lands! 

This year the kids decided to paint their pumpkins instead of carve them!  I loved this idea because it gave us adults time to create some fun jack-o-lantern masterpieces!  Jodie, Adam & Taylor joined us and we really had a blast!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

{APPLE} picking..

One reason we love our home is because we have a beautiful apple tree in the back yard!  They are Johnathan Apples and take a little longer to mature.  It was hard to keep the kids from wanting to pick them before they were fully ripe, but finally the day came!  We had a lot of fun picking apples, we made some applesauce, and had a few to enjoy....