Becoming Road

Becoming Road

Thursday, April 25, 2013

...building {FORTS}

Ethan & Nyah woke up with a plan to build a fort today!  They even had a little snack inside!  We secured the blankets with elastics onto different chairs and the banister!  They loved it! 


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

...turning {Thirty-FIVE}

I had a wonderful 35th birthday!  I was spoiled by my dear husband, my sweet children, my family and friends!  I am so blessed and find that being {THIRTY-FIVE} is pretty awesome!  While there are many goals I have not yet achieved and lots of things I would like to do (like travel to FRANCE or somewhere tropical) ,..I feel very blessed to be where I am! I have a wonderful husband that tells me everyday that I am loved and treasured (boy do I have him fooled...)    I get to be a mother to the most beautiful children who bring me JOY and make me want to be better.  I have been blessed to be raised by wonderful parents who have taught me about kindness, service, unconditional love, hard work, and the importance of family.  I have treasured friends who have loved me through many stages of my life and have helped shape me.  And...I have a testimony of many sacred and important things and am very grateful for a loving Savior who is willing to forgive me continuously! 

My cute sisters took me to a movie the day before my birthday!  I adore these women and love spending time with them.  It was a great birthday gift to be together!  (We missed having Paige with us though!)

 Marty took me to the temple, out to dinner at the Garden Restaurant, and then to a late movie on my actual birthday.  It was so fun!  He also set up challenges for me to complete (35 of them) throughout the day while he was at work.  The twins loved helping me with all the fun he planned....


Saturday, April 13, 2013

{WEDDING} fun...


We had the blessing of attending our good friends' wedding reception.  The bride is the sister of our dearest friends (Brandon and Heather) and was a student of Marty's at Viewmont Seminary.  We were so thrilled for the couple.   We had a great time at the reception and the twins had a ball dancing and eating from the fondue table.  Good times!  They included a photo booth for all the guests which became part of the sign-in book.  So clever.  WE had fun taking some shots as a family!