Becoming Road

Becoming Road

Friday, May 31, 2013

....just call it {GOURMET}

  The kids invited some friends over and they were playing so nice and quiet in the playroom.  I was at the kitchen table catching up on emails and they came down into the kitchen and starting pulling things out.  They do this a lot!  They joyously pretend to be cooking something while they play house or restaurant so I thought this moment was no different. 
 Well,.. until I turned around and saw their magnificent food creation: 
Shredded Cheese Soup w/ Pan Fried Cheese. 
(they didn't turn the stove on,...thankfully!) 
I did scold them for their misdeed to which Ethan replied....
."We were so hungry Mom!  We had to make our friends dinner!" 
How cute and messy are these kids!???
Sidenote:  It is not easy to clean up shredded cheese off of a floor! 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

...a {FANCY} Nancy party...with bugs!

Our cute nieces Leah and Ryen invited us to their "FANCY NANCY" birthday party!  The ladies were asked to wear their "fanciest" attire and the boys were asked to come ready to catch bugs.  We showed up with our fun outfits and had a great time.  The kids played some fun games and eventually ripped off their "fancy" and "bug" clothes because they got in the way of fun.  Before the party was over we heard the sound of an ice cream truck outside.   The kids squealed with excitement.  Little did they know the truck was just for them!  Nicole had hired Jana to come in the ice cream truck and let the kids each pick their own treat.  It was so fun and the kids loved it! 
Happy Birthday Leah!

Happy Birthday Ryen!

Ice cream for all....

Ethan and Nyah picking their favorite...

Ethan chose a BATMAN popsicle... Leah picked TWEETY BIRD...

Nyah picked out a SHREK popsicle...

..and Ryen chose Dora the Explorer!

Friday, May 10, 2013

...our little {COWGIRL}

Nyah made her dancing debut!  We enrolled Nyah in a clogging/tumbling class and she has really loved it.  Her cousin, Taylor also took the class and it was really fun to watch them practice their moves with each other.  They clogged to "Woody's Round-UP" and the crowd thought they were adorable.  We loved her teacher, Crystal (our old neighbor) and couldn't be happier with her experience.  Her teacher said she was a great listener and was always ready to dance.  So proud of this girl!