Becoming Road

Becoming Road

Thursday, September 26, 2013

An {ANNIVERSARY} to remember...

It was my turn this year to plan our anniversary.  Marty and I never tell each other what we are planning.  It makes it super fun and each year we try to come up with something unique.  This year we were going to be on vacation with my family up at Snowbird when our anniversary hit so I used our beautiful surroundings to kick it off and then finished it later that weekend in our hometown. 
I presented Marty with a "playbill" (like the kind you get when you go to musical theatre) that outlined what we were doing.   I planned our celebration around a mystery theme so much of what we did had to do with clues and mystery destinations.  Our last destination was to a local movie theatre and the movie itself  had a mystery plot.  
  Here was the clue Marty had to solve!  He had to figure out where we were exactly going and what we were doing before we could leave dinner.  It was fun to watch him figure it out!

You've been HERE before, You've SEEN  many thrills

A FUN time you'll have, now SHOW me your skills

Don't let your mind REEL, there is no need to worry

And yet solve this fast, may need to hurry

Your MAIN destination is just part the design

When you arrive you will see,... and fall into LINE

DRAMATiC  is your love, SUSPENSE is your fate

after solving this clue for me,...another mystery awaits  
(the movie was...Now You See Me and luckily he figured it out)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

{New York}, NY.....

Marty took a trip to New York City this past summer.  Mitch, his brother was there on business and had some amazing accommodations and thought Marty might enjoy tagging along.  Marty has never been to New York City before and so he jumped at the chance.  Our brother-in-law, Matt provided Marty with a RED PASS, which allowed him to fly free on Southwest Airlines.  Marty just paid him the tax fee and he was set! What a blessing!  Marty was also excited to see his friend Andy and his wife Ashley who just recently moved to the city. 


Marty had a wonderful time until he got stuck in the city trying to make a flight on standby.  It took him three days extra and a night's stay in the Denver airport before he could make it back home to us.  Small (okay maybe big) price to pay for a great trip to New York City.  Marty is a true family man and he missed us so much and couldn't stand not getting back to us.  So sweet.

Monday, September 16, 2013

all things {CHERISHED}

Mommy:  "What do you love about Nyah?"
Ethan:  "I love to cuddle with her and give her big kisses!"

Mommy:  "What do you love about Ethan?"
Nyah:  "I love to cuddle with him and tell jokes with him!"