Becoming Road

Becoming Road

Monday, December 23, 2013


..."They belong in an asylum...the whole lot of them!"  -Ebeneezer Scrooge

 Marty and our nephews performed in our local community theatre's production of SCROOGE:  A Christmas Carol.  The boys have been performing in the play for the past five years and this is Marty's second year!  Each year there are auditions and luckily they were cast once again this year.  Marty and I have always loved musical theatre and it is so cool to actually see how things work behind the scenes with directors, stage directing, lighting, the music, the cast dynamics, and all the drama behind the drama. Aside from being away from us while practicing, Marty loves it and Ethan and Nyah have loved it even more.  They know every line he delivers and every song in the play!  The kids and I decided it would be fun to sit-in on some rehearsals this year.   It was really cool to see how it came together.   Nothing compares to the live shows when the cast feeds off the audience and the energy is so electric!  Marty is hoping that we will consider joining him next year and the kids are already talking about what parts they would like to play. 
 Marty played two roles in the play along with being in the support cast during larger musical numbers.  Here he is as Courier taking a quick picture with us before the show.   In some of the very first scenes of the play, Courier and Ives petition Scrooge for funds in support of the needy and poor..
 Austin and Adam played several key roles this year.  They were also asked to be dance captains for many of the scenes where youth are learning steps and choreography.  They opened the show in their role as Chimney Sweeps!
 Tanner was also a dance captain and is a favorite of the directors for sure.  He has landed several speaking parts and always does a good job in the support cast! 
 We loved having Machelle and Kristy watching the show on closing night with us!
 Marty also played Mr. Fezziwig, a jovial socialite who throws a grand party in celebration of Christmas.  He has lots of lines, music, and dancing to perform in this scene and his performance is well received!  It just comes naturally to him to be funny and the life of the party!  Mrs. Fezziwig took a moment to take a quick photo for us! 
 Jacci Florence, the director AND the Ghost of Christmas Past is a HOOT!  She is the most dynamic and comical actress.  The twins LOVE her scenes and she makes the show along with her real-life hubby who has played SCROOGE for the last 18 years!
 The Ghost of Christmas Present is wonderful in this production and the kids love signing along during his scenes with Scrooge.  "I like life.....Life likes me!"
 Nyah used to be really afraid of SCROOGE because of his grumpy nature in the play.  It has helped this year to have gone to some rehearsals because she gets to see him out of character and playing with all the kids.  He always took the time to wink, high-five, or talk with her in between scenes and she has grown to really adore him.  She just giggles now when he is grumpy!  Kim Florence, who plays Scrooge is a gifted actor who is the heart of the show.  This version of A Christmas Carol is heartwarming, comical, and the music is contagious!
Ethan and Nyah wanted to take a ride in the Ghost of Christmas Past's Sleigh!

Monday, December 16, 2013

...a letter for {CHRISTMAS}

We were preparing to do Christmas cards this year and realized that if we wrote a letter to our loved ones, we could get the word out about our desire to adopt again.  We included adoption pass-a-long cards that we had made in hopes of making a connection.  
We {WISH} you a Merry Christmas!
And while we are it, we thought we'd share our Christmas wish list for the year!                                        All we  {WISH} for Christmas is....

Less Pounds and Better Health!  Usually people want MORE for Christmas but this year Marty has been working on losing unwanted pounds!  He is doing a fantastic job and has put his heart and soul into getting healthy!   Marty wishes to continue working on his health in the new year.
Home Improvements!  This past year Brigette wished for a larger garden, new shade trees,  and some new paint in the house!  The garden did well, until our sprinkler system busted and watering became an issue but hey...who doesn't love dwarfed tomatoes!  Marty planted two beautiful maple trees and well... the paint is still in the works! This year she wishes that her many projects will get finished so she can start new ones.
Time to Dance!  Nyah, our compassionate little swimmer, completed her first clogging class this year.  Her teacher often commented on how well she listened and how quickly she learned new steps!  She has enrolled again this year and is enjoying the harder dance steps but just recently told us that she wishes to join a soccer team!  A girl has a right to change her mind!
More Sports!  Ethan, our tender-hearted social bug, decided he really wanted to join a wrestling club.  He practices with his club during the week and attends local meets on occasion to practice his skills.  His favorite part is shaking the opponents hand and performing escape maneuvers.  He wishes that he can continue wrestling and be as good as his daddy! 
More Time with Family!  Marty has been happy this year teaching his seminary students, serving in his calling, volunteering as a wrestling coach, and doing side jobs to help supplement his teaching income.  He was also cast in the musical Scrooge: A Christmas Carol and will be performing throughout the holiday season.  The kids have loved attending his practices and seeing him perform.  They know all his lines and songs!  Marty wishes that Brigette and the kids will consider joining the cast next year so we can have even more time together.
Time Standing Still!  Brigette loves being a stay at home mom but doesn't love how quickly the twins are getting older.  They started Spanish immersion kindergarten this year and Brigette enjoys volunteering in their classroom.  When their teacher went on maternity leave, Brigette helped the sub create lesson plans and a schedule for the class.  It was fun to put her "teacher hat" back on for a while.  While she is happy to see Ethan and Nyah grow and experience new things, she wishes she could slow time down and keep them little, longer!
 A Chance to Grow!   Now is the time to set goals heading into the new year.  Marty loves to write and he wishes to take his writing to a new level and work on some professional development projects within the workplace.  Brigette wishes for more opportunities to play piano and plans to spend more time this next year creating pieces she can publish and produce.  Ethan wishes to conquer his fear of swimming and Nyah is wishing for a trampoline this summer and is making a plan to earn the money for it. 
Joy for you All!   In a world that is changing rapidly in many ways, our sincere wish is that each of you are finding happiness anchored in family, hope, service, a relationship with our Savior, and eternal treasures.  We consider each of you a blessing and gift in our life.
A little One!  We are so BLESSED!   We have our health, our home, a stable income, and most importantly our family and dear friends!  There is very little that we want or truly wish for.   Well,..except for one little thing.....  
We sincerely desire to add to our family and this may be our greatest WISH of all! We are hoping the Lord will provide a way for us to adopt again this year.  We have enclosed adoption pass-a-long cards in hopes that a connection can be made.  These cards are the latest tool for adoptive couples to find potential birth parents.   We would be so grateful if  you would keep us in mind when you become aware  of someone who is navigating through an unplanned pregnancy and may be considering adoption.   It would mean the world to us if you'd prayerfully consider passing along these very important and potentially effective tools. We have heard of connections being made through hair dressers, doctors, friends, neighbors or acquaintances.  As you may know, Ethan and Nyah came into our lives through a friend who referred us to their birth family.  We believe that when adoption happens it is because the Lord is directing it!   

We love you all and hope that your Christmas is filled with the PEACE that comes from our Savior and the JOY of family and loved ones!
 Love,  Marty. Brigette. Ethan. Nyah 

Monday, December 2, 2013

...a getaway with {SISTERS}

Machelle, Nicole, Dad, Jodie, Paige, Brigette & Kristy
Park City~2013
We had the best time on our annual Park City getaway!  Paige flew out from New York and it felt so great to all be together.  Dad, in true fashion, came up to treat us to dinner at Ruby's Tuesday.  He requested our usual corner booth and we got the royal treatment.  The manager had remembered us from previous years and thought it was awesome that we kept the tradition of going there and joked that my dad was super lucky to have six beautiful dates!  They gave us free dessert and promised to see us next year! 
I adore my sisters!  I truly feel so blessed to have been raised by parents who taught us to cherish our relationships with one another.   We love to laugh about the days when we would fight over clothes, bathrooms space, or other trivial things.  We spend a lot of time reminiscing about the fun we had growing up and how the older three took care of us three babies!  I think that is why we are so close.  Our lives were intertwined and we supported each other in everything each other did.  We still do....
While in Park City, we always hit the outlets to do some Christmas shopping.  We enjoy that part of the trip because it is fun to do it together and find great deals, but our favorite time in Park City is our time talking, sharing, laughing, singing, and goofing around!  We shed tears as we remember Mom and her legacy.  It is a blast and I look forward to it every year!  Thanks mom for starting this tradition long ago and for looking down on us as we continue to cherish one another!