Becoming Road

Becoming Road

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

How they've grown...

Ethan and Nyah are CHANGING so fast, I can't help documenting some of their latest and greatest!

Favorite Song: 5 Silly Monkeys Teasing Mr. Alligator
Favorite Toy: Balls
Favorite Food: Bananans, pizza, oatmeal, and water
Sweet Moments:
**Plays with Nyah's hair
**Wants to go wake up Nyah if he is the first to get up
**Is devistatingly in LOVE with his Daddy. Knows just when Daddy's work day ends and wants to call him. He says..."Da!" and brings me the phone!
**Loves to say prayers and tells us when it is time as he folds his arms, bows his head, and says..."hmm, prayer."
**Contagiously giggles and squeals when playing with other children who fascinate him
**When he hears a song playing he likes, he will either dance or lead the music!
**Will go into the bathroom, grab a big handful of toilet paper and "blow his nose!" (he really just makes sounds with his lips....but it is so darn cute!)
**Says..."March, March, March," when I ask him to follow me!
** Is now signing everything that he learns on Baby Signing Time. His favorite: "Boat!"
**Is starting to like water more. He will actually "swim" in the bath tub!
**Loves to RUN, play chase, and tackle anything in his path. (Daddy is his favorite)
**Still loves to cuddle with Mommy and gives the best hugs ever!
**Loves Jesus! Even from the time he was very small, Ethan has had a very strong connection to the Savior. He loves to hold pictures tightly in his hands and investigate everything Jesus is doing in that picture. In the Draper temple open house, he was in "heaven" seeing all the pictures of Jesus around every corner. Whe we say it is time for scriptures and family prayer he obediently follows and says...."Jesus Book!"

Favorite Song: Itsy Bitsy Spider
Favorite Toy: Anything she can stack, sort, count, name,..etc
Favorite Food: Chicken nuggets, milk, avacado, and cheese

Sweet Moments:

**Nyah loves feeling the wind in her hair

**Nyah is her own cheerleader. She tells herself "Go baby girl,..go," when she is walking. We used to say it to her when she was learning.

**Nyah is quite the talker! These re some of our favorite Nyah phrases: "Ethan, hey you monkey",...."Ethan, no buttons." ,...."Hi ma-ma, hi da-da, hi Ethan, hi puppy, hi ma-ma shell, hi guam-pa, hi tanner, hi baby girl...."(all in the same breath)

**Just recently initiating "big" hugs and when I say,..."I love you,." she responds, "I wuv too!"

**Likes to help mommy clean up. She will say..."Ma-ma, ya go," and hand me something.

**Counts...1, 2, 3, ...6, 7.

**Adores her aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. She adoringly calls my sister Machelle,....Ma-ma Shell. It is so cute!

**Is always looking out for Ethan. "Is he cy-ing?"

**Is sweet,...yet spicy! She is as stubborn as her mommy sometimes.

**Adores all dogs and puppies! She'll wake up talking about them.

**Wants to be outside ALL of the time and loves to relax in the warm tub....

**In sacrament meeting, Nyah and Ethan are really good to sit quietly when the bread and water are passed. A couple of weeks ago,..Nyah, as clear as day, proclaimed..."I love Jesus!" It was near silent in the chapel and many heard her. It was very sweet!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just like DADDY!

Nyah was "helping" me do laundry, when she found some of Marty's ties. She became very excited when she found a PINK one! I asked her if she wanted to be like Daddy and put it on. She said...."YUP!" Ethan decided he needed one too! We picked out a pretty BLUE one! Several times, Nyah would walk up to Ethan and say..."Sooo cute!" Ethan would giggle and run away! They were so cute! They just adore their DADDY!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

We are ALIVE and WELL!

Hey everyone! Sorry it has taken so long to update our blog. We have been super busy lately and we just moved into our new home! YIPPY! I've promised many of you that I would post some pictures of the inside,...and I plan to as soon as I take some and download them. Marty, Matt (our brother-in-law) and my Dad spent a week putting tile in our kitchen, bathrooms, and front entry. They worked so HARD and it looks fantastic! Ethan and Nyah love exploring the new house and they seem very happy.

Although we haven't attended our new ward officially, (with conference and all), we feel very excited about our ward and neighbors! On moving day 9 guys from the ward came to help unload the truck. It took ONLY 20 minutes to unload everything!! They were so AWESOME! My sister, Machelle, and my mother-in-law spent the day with me unpacking the most important things so we could stay there that night and be comfortable.

I plan to email everyone with our new address and phone numbers. If I don't have your email leave a comment and I'll send it to ya!
Love you all!
ps. I promise pictures SOON! (of the babies too!!)