Becoming Road

Becoming Road

Sunday, March 16, 2014

...saying {GOODBYE}

We lost Marty's brother, Damon a couple of days ago.  It was unexpected and heartbreaking for
all of us and yet we feel so blessed to know that death is not the end.  He leaves behind five young children, his wife and many loved ones.  Marty and Damon were best friends growing up as the youngest two boys in the family.  Marty spoke at his services and did an amazing job sharing some fun and memorable experiences that brought a lot of joy and tears into the room.  There was an outpouring of love from friends and family that was incredible.  Marty's siblings and mom put together a very beautiful program that included amazing music that Damon would no doubt love.  Marty shared these words on social media soon after his passing:

My brother Damon (37) passed away, Tuesday morning... I was far from a perfect brother but I love him, and will miss him.  Growing up he was my best friend. We decided early on to walk different paths. I look forward to some time being best friends again....

   I love the truth that death is not the end....

Damon had a beautiful heart and a deep soul.  He loved serving others and often came to the aid of his family when they needed help with anything needing to be fixed.  He was so talented with his hands.  He was kind and gentle and loved his children.  He loved to laugh and was an amazing musician.  He will be missed so much.  We are grateful to know that he will now be able to rest from the mortal anguish he often endured with the trials he faced in his life.  We love you Damon....

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