Becoming Road

Becoming Road

Monday, May 12, 2014

....and we just {LAUGHED}

I couldn't help but record these funny moments with Ethan and Nyah that just happened recently.  We've had some harder days lately and these moments of pure laughter are like soup for the soul.  I love these little ones of mine so very much!

Nyah was fussing about eating an apple with her lunch one day (usually she loves them but not so much lately...) and Marty decided it was time for a teaching moment. 
He asked her.... "Nyah,..don't you know what they say?  An apple a day keeps........."
And then he paused to let her answer. 
Instead,...Ethan proclaimed immediately,...."the HOLY GHOST!" 
We all just laughed an laughed and laughed.  Yep, apple a day keeps the Holy Ghost buddy!!!

We just recently finished reading the entire Book of Mormon.  We started when the twins were 3 1/2 and it took us a little over three years to complete it.  We read steadily but had the twins help us read which just took a while but was so worth it.  As a reward, Marty bought the kids each their own Book of Mormon Stories reader.  One night,...Nyah was reading the chapter about Nephi and his brother being commanded to go retrieve the plates from King Laban.  Nyah stopped in the middle of one of the sentences she was reading and said....

"King Laban was wicked!  Laman was wicked!  Maybe they are WICKED BFF's!" 

It was soooooo funny!  She delighted so much in our reaction and laughter that she repeated it over and over again and each time is was just as funny!   Love that girl and how her cute little mind works!

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