Becoming Road

Becoming Road

Thursday, August 28, 2008

It was the best of was the worst of times!

My close friend Lora invited my family (all 24 of us) to go to West Yellowstone this past week. Her in-laws own two cabins there and offered to let us stay there while they were on their mission in Germany! Lucky for us! My five sisters, some of their husbands, my dad, and all the kids were there! Lora and her two girls were there to show us around and be the ultimate hostess!

The BEST part of our trip was the time spent with family, the scenery, the boating, the hiking, the wildlife, the serenity, the window shopping in West Yellowstone, and the trip to the national park. The cabins were awesome and the views were breathtaking! Who wouldn't want to wake up to a beautiful sun rising over Lake Hebgen? I witnessed the beautiful sunrise twice in the wee hours of the morning. Why would I wake up so early on vacation one might ask?! Well.....we were plagued with a horrible stomach bug!

This brings me to the WORST part of our trip. My little Nyah had a stomach bug two nights before we left for Yellowstone. She must have passed it on to Ethan who suffered all through the first night we were there. And because my children have learned to share.......everyone, with the exception of a few, suffered! 20 out of the 24 got sick! In fact,.....the twins had it twice! The Schroaders sure know how to spread the love...yikes! Luckily,..we all tried to make the best of it and in the end we still loved eachother.
My new motto: the family that pukes together.....stays together.
Thanks to Lora for her hospitality and kindness to my whole family.
Thanks to the Lyon family for the invitation and trust!
Here are some of the highlights:

One of the great cabins we stayed in!

All the cousins on the boat! Even baby Taylor joined the fun!

Dad enjoying the wildlife at West Yellowstone Nat'l Park

The older boys playing games in the cabin...

Meet the newest parents....Jodie, Adam, and baby Taylor.
Kristy and Tanner enjoying the sites!

Nyah looking "cool" in her shades.

Ethan feeling all better and lovin' the outdoors!

Machelle and her boys at Kepler Falls!

Nicole and Leah getting ready for some boatin' fun...
Lora and her beautiful girls!

Marty and I at the Lower Falls...

Daddy and Nyah went to go see the "Paint Pots"
Ethan and Daddy enjoying the beautiful waterfall...

Paige and Nathan lovin' the wildlife...

Paige's boys always find time to hike and explore...

Saturday, August 9, 2008

South Weber 5k

Today, Marty ran his FIRST official 5k in South Weber! He has been "training" for a couple months at the Clearfield High track. Our neighbor, Mike, has been so helpful and has spent many Saturdays running with him and helping him build up his speed and endurance. Like most of us that DO NOT run (that would be me) he started off being able to run a 1/2 mile without stopping. Now, he can run the full 5k (3.1 miles) without stopping. I am so proud of him. He beat his goal today by 26 seconds! GREAT JOB honey!
Mitch (Marty's brother), Ethan, Nyah, and I waited at the finish line for Marty.
Go Daddy Go!
You can do it Daddy!
Marty and Mike coming down the final stretch!
Sprinting to the finish line!
Everyone cheered Marty on through the finish line!
The glory of accomplishing a goal!
Marty after finishing his first 5k!

Echo Resevoir

Yesterday, we went to Echo Resevoir for some family, fun, and boating! It was a great day. Most of my sisters and my Dad went up early in the morning and set up camp. When Jodie and I got there, it was a little overcast and windy but still warm enough to enjoy! The twins loved being outside and they were content to sit and play with their favorite aunts and cousins. The boys spent some time tubing, ski-bobbing, and knee boarding while the majority of us stayed on shore and played. When the sun came back Jodie, Dad, and I took the boys on the boat for the 2 minute challenge. (Jodie likes to buck the kids off the tube within 2 minutes) It's pretty awesome! Then, I water skiied! I haven't done that in like two years! I got up the first time (so glad) and loved it! Then we returned back to shore and Machelle, Nicole, and Leah all went water-skiing while the rest of us stayed on shore. It was so great. Eventually, Kristy and I took the babies in the water. Nyah ofcourse loved every minute of it and Ethan clung to me the entire time. He was so cute,....he actually fell asleep in my arms while I walked through the water with him. Marty joined us for a couple of hours and we took the babies on the boat for the first time! They did really well. Grandpa went nice and slow at first and in the end showed them "how to drive." Too cute. Afterwards, we took the twins back in the water for a swim. Daddy and Nyah went "all-in," while Ethan and I just waded in the shallow end. We left Echo around dinner time and stopped in Morgan to eat at Taggarts Grill. OH...I highly recommend this place! We had never been and it was definately a little treasure hidden up in the mountains. We had a wonderful day! Thanks Dad for letting us all use your boat!

Ethan, Leah, and Nyah enjoying the beach!

Ethan loves to be outside!

Jodie and Taylor enjoying the sun!

Nicole and Leah walking to the water...

Nyah just loves the wind and sand!

Nyah enjoying every minute in the water!

Machelle and Leah teasing Uncle Matt!

Tanner, Austin, Aaron, and Leah burying Adam in the sand.

Grandpa...can I drive?

Grandpa shows Nyah how to drive the boat...

Our first boat ride as a family!
The babies loved the boat,...hated the life jackets.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Slip n' Slide

Marty's work held a family night BBQ this past Monday and it was so much fun! One of the main attractions was.....a GIANT Slip n' Slide! No joke, this thing was massive AND it was placed on a gigantic hill! I was actually bummed that I didn't wear a swimsuit for the event. All the husbands did and they spent half of the night trying to out slide eachother. Marty was in the lead even after a few mishaps, but lost in the last run to Brother Thompson who slid 3 1/2 feet past Marty's unbeatable mark. It's okay honey....there's always next year. Ofcourse, all the kids loved it too. Marty thought for sure Nyah would love the slide, so he took her down from the half-way mark. She did amazingly well. She loves water! We didn't even try with Ethan this year. He is a little more timid around things like that. It was also great to talk with the other "seminary" wives. Marty works with the best people and their families are just as great! We will definately go next year.....and I'll be sure to bring my swimsuit!

Here is the GIANT slip n' slide!

Crazy Marty getting all soaked for speed!

Here he comes!

Very serious....this competition!

Nyah and Ethan playing while Daddy plays on the slide...

Nyah excited about having TWO sippy cups!

Ethan trys to escape from the blanket...

Nyah's 1st run.....still dry!

Nyah's 2nd run....very wet!