Becoming Road

Becoming Road

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

These are the best times....

Every morning I wake up with a song in my head. Seriously,...I get up,..go right to the bathroom, and I start humming the song that was there upon waking. This morning...I had the song "My Favorite Things" from the Sound of Music in my head. I've been singing it all day and the twins probably think I am crazy. I've been desperately wanting to catch up with some blogging and I realized that I might be able to get his tune out of my head if I use it "to death." So.....Here is my silly attempt to recap all the summer fun we have had. (to the tune of: My Favorite Things)

3 year-old parties, with Mickey and Minnie
Father-Son Camp Outs with Ethan and Daddy
Having to plan girl’s camp meals for thirty
These are the craziest times don’t you see.
Out of town guests for three weeks was quite crazy
Having late nights,…then morning we’re lazy
Starting his Masters, can’t wait ‘til that’s done
Summer’s been great,..summer’s been fun!

When there’s tantrums
When laundry's never done
When our garden's sad
We simply remember these are the best times
And then we don’t feel…so bad

Lesson plan writing cuz’ preschool comes quickly
Treehouse museum and fun getting dirty
Going to Logan for a weekend of FUN
We’ve camped and we’ve boated until we were done
Our 10th Anniversary we spent in a grand way
Our New York family flew out for a fun stay
We’ve gone to some temples both near and far
And now we are ready for autumn to start

When Daddy’s gone (for 10 whole days!)
When we've burned the lawn
When potty training goes bad
We simply remember these are the best times
And then we don’t feel so bad!

A Decade Old...

My sweetheart and I celebrated our 10th Anniversary this last weekend! As a tradition, we take turns every year and plan some type of surprise for eachother. This year was Marty's turn. My day started with breakfast in bed! French toast, favorite! The rest of our actual anniversary day was super busy with normal life so Marty planned the surprise for me on that Friday! He planned for my sister Machelle to watch the twins and told me to pack a bag! (I LOVE when he says that!)

He wisked me away to the Grand America Hotel. (I know,...expensive usually but he found a smashin' deal. Signs of the economic times I guess.) It is a STUNNING hotel! Our room was gorgoous and Marty had chocolates and a beautiful red rose already in the room when we arrived. I have a dream of one day having a grand piano in my home. So.,...Marty had a "baby grand piano" carved out of chocolate and placed in the room as well. So fun! Our room was also on the 22nd floor which made the view breathtaking!

We listened to Jazz in the Lobby, went for a late night stroll, slept-in, and had the most delicious food. The service was really great too and we were able to take home some complementary slippers which are nice and cozy and a beautiful bottle of French lemonade. I have to say we felt really pampered! I will remember this anniversary for sure!
Happy Annivesary to my sweetheart! I can't believe we are a DECADE old!
You are my everything!