Becoming Road

Becoming Road

Monday, May 23, 2011

A BIG day for my man...

Happy Graduation to Marty!

Marty getting his MASTERS DEGREE from the University of Phoenix! He was awarded a Masters in Education with an emphasis in Curriculum Technology and Instruction.

After the ceremony, Marty came out to greet the family! He immediately took off his purple sash and wrapped it around our little family. Tradition says that upon graduation the graduate gives his sash to a person who has significantly impacted their efforts in education. He wanted to let us know that he did this for us and he said we were his constant support and inspiration. Awwww!

Nyah had to try on his cap!

Ethan did his famous "snap dance" in celebration of his Daddy!

Some of Marty's siblings came to cheer him on.

Left to Right: Mitch, Mark, Marty & Debi

Marty was the FIRST to obtain a Masters Degree in both of our families. Here he is with his Mom and my Dad.

The twins played hide n' seek with Daddy after the ceremony.

We made a little gift for Marty to celebrate this awesome day! Some of his favorites!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Outside...

Here is Ethan & Nyah doing one of their favorite songs! (they only get through the first line.....ha!) It is very fitting today since it is freezin' outside!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter was really fun this year!

We had a special Easter dinner with my family, decorated easter eggs, and had a little hunt afterwards. On Easter Sunday, we went to Nana's house (Marty's mom), and had a little hunt with the cousins. Nana put quarters in a few eggs and the kids were able to put their money into her candy machine and get candy. They loved it!

It was also as special time where we focused on the Savior, His ressurection, and the gift that is to all of us. What a blessing it is to KNOW HE LIVES!